Thursday, August 06, 2009

Beach Boys

We had a wonderful family adventure in Maui.
15 simple days filled with beach, pool, family dinners, family game nights, family movie nights and early bedtimes.
What a gift!

I love what an adventure family trips are with boys.
Here are some thoughts about the beach from my boys' perspectives (according to Mommy)...

The sand and water are a perfect place to practice my ninja moves. This is kind of a dream come true...I can do kart wheels, flips and kicks and always have a soft landing.
Sand is kind of like mud, so it's it's part of the experience to get it caked in my hair and my body to be covered in it every. single. time. I go the beach. Don't bother trying to keep me clean. It won't work.

The beach is not much of an adventure without the threat of bad guys, so I will be yelling "Shark!" and "Alligator!" every time I hurl my body into the waves.

Mommy, when I say "Come swim with me," I don't mean come take a nice dip in the water with your hat and sunglasses on. What I mean is, roll around in the sand and actually put your head under water. Sheesh! What's the big deal?

Can you fill this bucket with wa-wa? Again? More please? More please? Again? More please?...

I will not stop running, jumping, splashing or building for a second. Chilling out is just not in my
Silly Mommy. See that book you brought in your beach bag? I have way too much planned to keep you busy...don't expect to read that.


cbostrom said...

bummed that we missed connecting with you in MAUI! what are the chances that we might be on the same beautiful island at the SAME TIME?! one of these years, maybe we will actually meet up in a lovely tropical place and our boys will have lots and lots of fun entertaining each other while we read our great books and take sun naps ... and get massages, and drink fruity drinks ... oh, i'm longing to go back already, aren't you?!

Mike and Becka said...

Love it! Sounds like the boys had a blast! Sure missed your blog posts while you've been MIA :).

So glad you guys got away and had a fabulous - and much deserved - family vacation!

Robin said...

Fun! You guys are the cutest- we are off to Maui next week for a "babymoon". =)
Glad you got a chance to get away and enjoy your boys on the beach!

Shirley Casey said...

YAY! I am so glad you had a great time! It looks like a blast. I love the part about "bad guys" in the water and the book that decorates your beach bag. Oh so familiar! :O)

Stephanie said...

What an awesome vaca! Next time you'll have to pack a babysitter for a couple days. :P Or maybe just a grandma.... OR AN AUNT!!! :) Love you guys!!